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Free Download From Jordan Feliz’s Debut Album Beloved!

Some years from now, the name Jordan Feliz might be the obvious answer to a trivia question that goes something like this:

What artist launched his career as a hard-touring heavy metal singer, then switched gears to become a church worship leader, before finally signing a Nashville record deal and making his mark as a songwriter and soulful R&B-groove-pop artist?

Well, if the question comes up some day, you’ll already know the answer: Jordan Feliz.

Fronting the West Coast buzz band A Current Affair gave Jordan’s powerful vocals some major exposure right out of high school. The band performed on the Warped Tour and other high profile gigs before dissolving. But heavy metal was never Jordan’s passion; it was just a fun experience with his friends to grow musically. As a child, Jordan grew up with R&B artists like Sam Cooke and Earth Wind & Fire providing the soundtrack to his frequent road trips to a ski resort with his family. Artists from what his father called “the good music era.” Those were the sounds and stylings that stuck in Jordan’s musical memory and by the time he was old enough to realize that his own singing voice was a gift, it was those early groove-funk-soul singers that had shaped his personal aesthetic. If he was going to make records, those were the kind of influences he wanted to draw from.

After his move from California to Nashville, Jordan was invited to participate in an unsigned artists retreat hosted by Centricity Music. It was the combination of Jordan’s nuanced vocal abilities, the freshness of his retro-influenced melodies and songwriting, and his warm, enthusiastic personality that spurred label execs to take a closer look and ultimately sign him.

Jordan Feliz’s debut project, Beloved, brings the rich influence of 70’s sensibilities into a modern pop context. Intentionally constructing uncluttered tracks free of production tricks and excessive instrumentation, Jordan instead focused on arrangements that were designed to give the vocals center stage. The songs on the Beloved 10 song album are soul-influenced pop numbers, and the instruments present are articulate in their voicings and melodies, saying only as much as they need to.

“If my record has a theme, it’s probably summed up in the ‘Simple lyric,’” Jordan explains. “I really just wanted this to be a project that people would smile when they listened to it. I wanted to write songs that would make people feel loved. I want them to feel good. Whatever the complications of life that we might be going through at any given moment, our relationships with Jesus don’t have to be difficult. We have a tendency to make it so much harder on ourselves than it really is. We think God can’t love us because we’re struggling with something or we messed up somewhere. But it’s not that complicated. God loves us. Our ransom has been paid. The emotional baggage we carry around doesn’t change the truth. We belong to God and He loves us. It really is that simple. We just have to be constantly reminded of that. The work has already been done on the cross. We just have to remind ourselves and each other to believe it.”

Having just navigated a long and rocky transition after leaving the security of his local music connections, a church staff position, and moving from California to Tennessee, Jordan Feliz and his wife experienced firsthand what it means to learn to rest in the simplicity of faith in a Father who daily provides for the needs of His children. In fact, they set out from California without even enough money to make it past Phoenix. But along each leg of the journey some music gig opened up that provided enough funds to drive the next leg. By the time they reached their new home, Jordan had actually made several hundred dollars from the move.

“We believed God had made it clear from the beginning we should move to Nashville,” Jordan says, “but that didn’t mean it was easy. After we got here I couldn’t find a job. My wife and I were sharing one car. I was posting handyman ads on Craigslist and working as a valet downtown. I could hardly get any people to write songs with me. Then we found out we were pregnant and there was so much that seemed up in the air and kind of scary. In the last few months though, it’s just been like this whirlwind of good things falling into place. I signed the record deal with Centricity Music in February of this year and I finished the Beloved record July 5th. Then, I actually won a brand new car, completely out of the blue, right before my daughter was born July 20th. My first single went to radio July 31st. After so much difficulty and uncertainty, God answered our prayers. He is there for all of us and all we have to do is remain faithful.”

This week we are so excited to offer you a FREE DOWNLOAD of Jordan Feliz’s song “Dancing Through The Fire” off his debut album Beloved. If you like what you hear then be sure to pick up a copy of the album available everywhere now!


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Free Download From Gateway Worship!

Gateway Worship released their highly anticipated sixth live recording Walls today. Produced by Walker Beach, Josh Alltop and Miguel Noyola of Gateway Worship Production, the project—available in both CD and DVD formats— features 13 selections penned by such leading worship writers as Thomas Miller, Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes, Rita Springer and Mark Harris, among others.

Highlights of Walls include the album opener, “Higher Than The Sky” (feat. Matt Birkenfeld); the title track (feat. Carnes); “Let The Heavens Open” (feat. Jobe); “Wait For You” (feat. Rebecca Hart); “Love Has Found Us” (feat. Anna Byrd); and the project’s debut single, “Grace That Won’t Let Go” (feat. Harris).

Gateway Church associate senior pastor Thomas Miller explains the project’s inspiration: “It seems like there are walls everywhere. They may not be walls you can see with your eyes, but they are there. Massive, insurmountable walls. Political walls. Racial and cultural walls. Denominational walls. Walls of pride, selfishness, and sin. Walls. But the truth is, we were never meant to live like this—with walls dividing us, separating us. God’s heart is, and always has been, for us to be united as one.”

We want to celebrate release week and give you a little taste of what’s on the record by offering a FREE DOWNLOAD of their song “Whatever You Want (feat. Cody Carnes)” off the album Walls. If you like what you hear then be sure to pick up your copy of the album available everywhere now!


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Free Download From Carrollton!

Despair but hope, doubt but faith. Life gives us unbelievable joys and deep sorrows, yet God keeps on. The band Carrollton, tells this truth through honest, open-handed songs born of questions, wonders and struggle.

Carrollton’s second album, Sunlight and Shadows, which released September 18, is a hopeful testimony about that life in which beautiful, mountaintop days of sunshine mix with days in the shadows. Band members Jordan Bailey (bass), Michael Loy (drums), Jeremy Menard (lead guitar) and Justin Mosteller (lead vocals and guitar) bring listeners on the journey with them through powerful, faith-filled lyrics and driving beats. “The message of what we’re doing is that we believe God is with us in the good and the bad, and often in the mundane in-between” Justin says. “We’re trying to share that with people. We just want to put our hearts out there and see hope rise up.”

Trust in each other, in God and in their label, Centricity Music, led the band through the intense creation of Sunlight and Shadows. The band and producer Tedd T (for King & Country, Newsboys), collectively decided to start almost from scratch in the studio in spring 2015, rewriting songs they already had and creating new tunes over a total of eight days. “We knew from day one that we could have nothing at the end of it,” says Justin. “But what we came out with was stuff we loved.”

Sunlight and Shadows presents an honest faith and an unwavering hope in God. “He’s not lining up our next 10 steps,” says Michael. “But the next step. We can rest in that step. We don’t always have to have the big picture.” Always, He is in control. “God is going to provide,” Justin says. “That doesn’t always mean a house in the suburbs. It means He is faithful to provide His presence for us.”

This week we are celebrating the release of Carrollton’s new album Sunlight & Shadows with a FREE DOWNLOAD of their song “Holding On To You.” Enjoy and be sure to pick up your copy of the album available everywhere now!


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Enjoy A Free Download From Jonny Diaz’s New Album “Everything Is Changing!”

On May 15, 2015, just before midnight, everything changed for Jonny Diaz. When he and his wife, Libby, welcomed their daughter, Charlie Grace, into the world, the singer/songwriter officially added “Dad” to his long list of accomplishments. In many ways, it was the beginning of a new chapter for Diaz and a period of change that’s proved far more exhausting and more rewarding than he could have ever imagined. In fact, the birth of his first child came in a long succession of events leading up to the release of his latest EP, aptly titled Everything Is Changing.

“We didn’t even have the baby yet, and I just felt so overwhelmed with everything life was throwing at me,” Diaz admits. The Florida-native found himself staring down impending fatherhood in the midst of an intense 40-city tour. All the while, back at home, he was helping his wife launch a fitness studio and quickly approaching a deadline to turn in a new record.

“In some ways when I had to co-write, it was stressful, because I was like, ‘Man, I have to commit this entire day to writing a song, and I don’t even know if I’m going to use the song,’” Diaz recalls, looking back at the process.

When he would sit down for co-writes, more times than not, he simply began telling his fellow writers about his life’s current events—the songs naturally flowing out of the day-to-day, almost in real time. Thus, the tracks that rose above the cutting room floor for the six-song set ring true to the season of life where Diaz finds himself. However, fans shouldn’t expect a lullaby album. All of the songs except one were finished before Charlie Grace was even born—each cut standing as a testament to Diaz’s firm belief in transparency.

“From the very beginning, I just described myself as a Christian who loves music. It was, and still is, impossible for me to be authentic with my songwriting and not talk about my relationship with Christ and how He’s impacted my life,” he says. While Diaz’s faith is evident with each release, his songwriting has never shied away from the messiness of life and relationships.

“I’m at a point where I genuinely feel like I have nothing left to lose,” he shares, noting that he spent years trying to recreate the magic that transpired with early No. 1 hit “More Beautiful You”—a practice that pointed Diaz toward endless striving but yielded little fruit.

“I just wasn’t trying to recapture any of that old stuff,” Diaz says of Everything Is Changing. “I wasn’t trying to make sure I hit any sales figures or any radio charts. I just wanted to write authentic songs, because I realized those are not only the ones that I’m going to be most proud of, but those are the ones that connect the best anyway.”

We are so excited to celebrate the release of Jonny’s new EP Everything Is Changing with a FREE DOWNLOAD of his song “Enough In You,” a song that points to God being the source of true joy. Enjoy and be sure to pick up a copy of his EP available everywhere now!


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Free Download From Jimmy Needham + Enter To Win A Copy Of His Album “Vice & Virtue!”

As he commenced writing for his latest album, Vice & Virtue, veteran artist Jimmy Needham found himself in the midst of an unnerving internal crisis — an overwhelming sense that he just wasn’t measuring up spiritually.

“I would be in my writing room and feeling like it was the end of the world,” Needham recalls. But as the songwriter and R&B vocalist peeled back layer after layer of sorrow he just couldn’t shake, a few rays of light began appearing — most prominently through a study on the book of Galatians by well-known pastor Timothy Keller.

One quote by Keller — whom Needham thanks in the Vice & Virtue liner notes — “devastated” him: “Irreligious people repent of nothing. Religious people repent of their sin. But Christians repent of their righteousness.” “That opened up a world for me,” Needham explains with excitement. And it got the 29-year-old asking uncomfortable questions: Do I sin in my most pleasant moments? Do I rely on my nice behavior to gain favor with God? Is it possible that my reliance on my righteousness is the opposite of what Christ wants from me?

“My ‘nicety’ gave me a sense of worth and value,” Needham confesses. “But that’s really the opposite of the gospel. We bring nothing to the table except sin and brokenness. Through all of my religious efforts, I was actually fleeing from the cross.” These stirring revelations unleashed the overarching lyrical theme of Vice & Virtue.

With a song cycle of soul-stirring spirituality undergirded with music full of creativity Needham is ready to share his discoveries with his listeners. “I don’t feel cynical,” he notes, despite the challenges for fellow Christians he’s letting loose with Vice & Virtue. “I love the church; I wrote this album for the church. And it seems most appropriate for the body of Christ.”

This week we are excited to offer you a free download of the title track of Jimmy Needham’s latest album Vice and Virtue. And not only are we offering a free download but we are also giving a couple of lucky readers a chance to WIN A COPY OF VICE & VIRTUE. Want to be entered to win? All you have to do is leave a comment below with your favorite song off Vice & Virtue. Good luck!




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Free Download From Aaron Shust’s New Album Doxology + Enter To Win An Autographed Copy Of The CD!

This week’s free download comes from Aaron Shust!

Doxology, Aaron Shust’s seventh musical offering, was never anything but an upbeat celebration—a celebration of the might and power and victory of the risen Christ. The new collection was forward-leaning and festive from the very beginning of the writing process. “There are ten songs on this record,” Aaron explains, “and nine of them are expressing ideas that could be sung at the afterparty to the coronation of the King of Kings. Throughout the writing and recording process for Doxology, I’ve had that image in mind: ‘Bring forth the royal diadem…’ The summation of history when Jesus is crowned eternally and His people respond in worship and praise.”

The writing of a project so steeped in celebration is not something Aaron approached lightly or presumptively. It is territory that, in his own life, has been hard won. He had to make a long trek through the valley of the shadow to finally get there. As such, Doxology arrives as the testament of a hopeful faith that has been tested in the crucible of difficult circumstance.

“Songs really become time capsules of the seasons of life you’re in when you write them,” Shust observes. “They capture the thoughts, the feelings, the prayers, the passions of that part of your journey. Doxology isn’t a project I really could have easily written before now.”

Produced by Crowder drummer Christian Paschall, the ten songs that comprise Doxology were co-written with seasoned worship leaders including Michael Farren, Mia Fieldes, Krissy Nordhoff and Benji Cowart. And each of the songs were written “with the intent of celebration.” The result is a project ripe with new material that, while presented with a fresh, sonic creativity on the album, is intended to find its fullest expression in congregational settings.

“At my church,” Aaron says, “we don’t know which musicians are going to be available from week to week so the songs get fleshed out differently every time we play them. I’ve always felt that if we can’t worship without this or that instrument, then there’s a deeper issue we need to look at. My hope was to write songs that—regardless of the production choices we made on the record—could be offered to the church. I always want to equip as broad a cross section of churches as possible with deep, theologically-rooted songs of worship.”

Aaron Shust released his brand new album Doxology August 28 and we are celebrating his release week with a FREE DOWNLOAD of his song “Oh Praise (The Only One),” a song that speaks of Christ’s eternal victory, and of the inheritance of believers. Along with a free song download we are giving away 3 AUTOGRAPHED copies of Aaron’s new CD Doxology. Want to be entered to win? All you have to do is a leave a comment below on which song you are most excited to hear and you’ll be entered to win! Good luck!




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Free Download From The Digital Age!

This week’s Free download comes from The Digital Age.

The Digital Age released Rehearsals Vol. 1 in the summer of 2012 as a formal reintroduction of the band and later  followed it up in 2014 with their latest rehearsals project titled Rehearsals Vol. 2. Recorded and produced in their hometown studio in Waco, Texas, Rehearsals Vol. 2 features six new tracks that together exude the band’s commitment to continue creating music for the Church. “The whole Rehearsals idea is us learning songs that the church is singing and putting our own unique spin on them,” said Mark Waldrop of The Digital Age. “We wanted to keep the general flow of Rehearsals Vol. 2 the same as Vol. 1, so we curated a track listing that combined a few worship tracks, some classic hymns and some new material.”

Commenting on the track listing for Rehearsals Vol. 2, Waldrop added: “We all grew up in the south and have a deep affinity for hymns that we were raised singing, so “It Is Well” and “Blessed Assurance” were songs that we couldn’t wait to explore sonically. We’re involved with a collegiate ministry here in Waco called Vertical, and “Oceans” and “Fall Afresh” seem to be really connecting with the hearts of the college students near us. We wrote “All Rise (Jesus, Majesty)” with Jason Ingram last year and couldn’t wait to put it on a release. Finally, we wanted to round out the album with “Take Me Home,” a song written by a local worship leader in Waco that we all really connected with.”

This week we are excited to offer you a FREE DOWNLOAD of their song “It Is Well” off their album Rehearsals, Vol. 2. If you like what you hear then be sure to pick up a copy of the album now!



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Download a Free Song Sampler From BEC Recordings And Support CURE International!

SUMMER is NOT over yet! Don’t tell us it is. So go grab an ice cream cone, swim in a lake, or go on a road trip with your windows down and this music cranked up!

Our friends over at BEC Recordings are offering a 12 song sampler as a FREE DOWNLOAD on noisetrade featuring songs from artists like 7eventh Time Down, Rapture Ruckus, David Dunn, Among The Thirsty and many more.

If you like what you hear and feel so inclined to, you can add a donation when you download. All donations received will go to CURE International, a non-profit organization that operates charitable hospitals and programs in 30 countries worldwide where patients experience the life-changing message of God’s love for them, receiving surgical treatment regardless of gender, religion, or ethnicity. Find out more at and rest assured that every dollar you donate for this sampler will go to CURE international and their work around the world.

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Free Download From Disciple!

Christian rock band Disciple just released their first greatest hits collection titled Disciple: The Best Of. The album features 14 songs from 2005-2013 plus 4 newly recorded fan-favorite acoustic tracks of previous songs. In addition to the regular edition, fans can purchase an exclusive digital only iTunes DELUXE edition that includes live video from Winter Jam and the Rock & Worship Roadshow.

This week we are celebrating their album release with a FREE DOWNLOAD of one of the classics, their hit song “Draw The Line” off the album. Enjoy!


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Celebrate Summer & Enjoy 10 Free Song Downloads On Us!

Happy August FreeCCMers! To celebrate the summer season we’ve partnered with Christian Concert Alerts to give away 10 FREE songs from some of today’s top Christian artists including MercyMe, Phil Wickham, The Afters, Hawk Nelson, Citizen Way, and more. We appreciate you allowing us to share our updates with you each week, and we hope you enjoy the tracks on our “Songs of Summer” sampler!

Click HERE to download the songs!

1. MercyMe – “Burn Baby Burn”
2. Hawk Nelson – “Straight Line”
3. Phil Wickham – “Carry My Soul”
4. Audio Adrenaline – “Move”
5. Citizen Way – “Where Would I Be Without You”
6. Shane & Shane – “God of Ages Past”
7. Laura Story – “Grace”
8. The Afters – “With You Always”
9. The Digital Age – “Symphony of Grace”
10. Fellowship Creative – “Grace on Top of Grace”