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Free Download From Jenny Simmons

Jenny Simmons’ album “The Becoming” is a patchwork of narratives woven together with threads of doubt, questions, disappointment and dissolution. But in the end, The Becoming is less about answers and more about hope. Jenny says, “My prayer is that through the words of these songs they realize it’s a desert, but things come to light in the desert. There’s a million stars shining bright in this wide-open space, and it’s the best place for the Lord to come in and start growing something new inside of you.” This week enjoy a free download of her song “This I Know” off this album!

And if you like what you hear, along with her album The Becoming, Jenny has a new EP out today. Check it out at the link below!

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Celebrate Lauren Daigle’s Album Release With a FREE DOWNLOAD + A Chance To WIN A Signed CD & $50 iTunes Giftcard!

Life experience often serves to sharpen a songwriter’s edge and provide them with a more colorful palette to draw from when creating images with their music. Though she’s young, Lauren Daigle has lived a lot of life and those experiences—some challenging and others exhilarating—enrich her perspective and create her heartfelt worship music.

Blessed with a voice that is both smoky and sweet, Daigle has forged a unique sound that combines the soulful, heart-in-throat vulnerability of Adele, with the passionate fire to serve God that Daigle admires in Brooke Fraser. Her Centricity Music debut, How Can It Be, is ripe with the kind of compelling lyrics and engaging melodies that invite listeners to draw closer to their creator, and that’s just what Daigle had in mind.

“There’s a continuing theme on this record—trust,” says Daigle. “My heart’s cry is that people feel empowered as a body of Christ. It’s just heavy on my heart for all of us to rise up in unity and recognize the goodness of God. My hope is that people are empowered by knowing who they belong to, knowing that they are the son or daughter of God, and in response to that being able to worship fully, worship with complete abandon.”

Lauren Daigle’s label debut album How Can It Be releases today and we want to give you a preview of her new music by offering a free download of her song “O Lord.” Like what you hear? Then be sure to pick up your copy of the record available everywhere now!

Not only are we offering a FREE DOWNLOAD, but we are also giving away a $50 iTunes giftcard along with a signed copy of Lauren’s new CD to ONE LUCKY READER. Want to be entered to win? Check out the widget below, complete the different entry options and you’ll be automatically entered to win! We’ll also be giving away 4 more signed copies of the album throughout the next couple of weeks on our facebook ( and twitter pages (@freeccm) so keep an eye out on our socials. Good luck!

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Free Download From Laura Story

It’s one thing to write compelling, heart-stirring, emotionally rich songs of worship, praise and honor to Christ. People have been doing it for centuries, forming the backbone of faith traditions the world over. It’s another thing entirely to bare your soul, share your vulnerabilities and risk criticism and career success by challenging the mold and daring to say that God is not necessarily a God of happy endings. Instead, He is the God of every story.

This week’s free download comes from worship leader and artist Laura Story. Enjoy a free download of her song “You Gave Your Life” off her latest record God of Every Story. “’You Gave Your Life’ is a song Laura wrote for our church this past Easter,” Laura says, “I was seeing the Easter story in a new and fresh way. It was my first Easter with a daughter. I hadn’t thought about it much, but when I was reading John 3:16, I just stopped right there. I’ve read it a thousand times, but never with the gravity of a parent giving their only child. I delight in Josie so much as an imperfect and selfish person. How much more did God delight in His son, yet still gave Him. It’s a whole other level of love that we can’t even fathom.”

Along with a free song download we’re also giving ONE LUCKY READER a chance to WIN a copy of Laura’s album God of Every Story. Wanted to be entered to win? Check out the widget below to find out more information + enter the contest!

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Get A FREE DOWNLOAD of Brady Toops Album On Noisetrade Now!

It’s been one year since indie artist Brady Toops released his breakout, self-titled LP and, in that time, he has not only gained a growing audience of heartfelt fans, but has earned national acclaim as a deeply soulful singer/songwriter within the Christian & Gospel category. RELEVANT Magazine recently featured Toops on their highly popular RELEVANT Studio Sessions, naming him “one of our favorite new artists.” In the last year, Toops has toured the United States tirelessly, playing alongside artists like John Mark McMillan and David Crowder, turning new listeners into devoted fans with his modern, yet timeworn songwriting approach and rustic baritone voice. After the whirlwind year, Brady wanted to thank everyone who helped make it possible by offering his latest record on Noisetrade for a limited time. If you enjoy lyrically rich hymns and modern folk songs wrapped in a warm vintage sound, you are sure to find a new home in this collection of tunes.

Click the link here to download the album!

Free Download From Veritas

This week’s free download comes from the contemporary classical vocal group Veritas. Veritas is set to release their debut album September 9. The self-titled project will feature 10 familiar fan favorites that showcase Veritas’ unique style and signature sound, paired with a 45-piece orchestra.

The album includes popular songs such as MercyMe’s “I Can Only Imagine”; Matt Redman’s “10,000 Reasons”; Switchfoot’s alternative rock smash “Dare You To Move”; Michael W. Smith’s “Agnus Dei,” (featuring “Mighty Fortress” and “All Hail The Power of Jesus’ Name”); an American Anthology of “America The Beautiful,” “God Bless America” and “Battle Hymn of the Republic” and John Legend’s “If You’re Out There,” which the R&B icon originally recorded with the Agape Choir, among others. Additional tracks on the project are “The Lord’s Prayer” and “You’ll Never Walk Alone” (from the legendary Rogers & Hammerstein musical “Carousel”), two popular selections that Veritas has regularly performed during its live concerts.

***Veritas is giving away an early peek at their new record right now on their site CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW FOR A FREE DOWNLOAD of their beautiful rendition of “The Lord’s Prayer”***

Be sure to also check out the album preview video below and pre-order the album now for a special price of $8.99 on iTunes & Amazon Music now.  Those who pre-order will get instant downloads of their songs “Dare You To Move” and “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

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Free Download From Lindsay McCaul + Win An Autographed Copy Of Her New Album One More Step!

This week’s free download comes from singer/songwriter and artist Lindsay McCaul. Lindsay McCaul’s sophomore project and Centricity Music debut, One More Step, is artistry born of a willingness to grapple honestly with the questions that arise at that crossroads of brokenness and grace. The project as a whole faithfully chronicles the honest journey of a young woman who has learned that if the expressions of hope and joy are to be real and strong enough to hold us, then they can’t shrink back from the sorrow, the grief, the confusion and the doubt that are also a real part of this shared pilgrim journey. The secret is that it’s all woven together, and if God’s grace meets us, it meets us in the very middle of all that messiness of life, circumstance and emotion. And it’s from that place, and probably only from that place, that songs with the power to give real hope can be born.

“I’ve observed over the last few years,” Lindsay says, “that the songs that connect most with my listeners are the ones I write from a place of wrestling through issues. I write songs about things God is teaching me and the lessons I’m learning—sometimes even from a place of brokenness smack dab in the middle of learning the lesson. A place of holding my hands open before God and asking Him to grow my faith and help my unbelief. People who connect with my songs have told me they appreciate the honesty and transparency of the lyrics, which means the world to me. We’re all struggling somehow, fighting some battle, and if we could all just be brave enough to be honest with one another about our deep, deep need for Jesus, we could be mutually encouraged, strengthened and sharpened.”

While she’s shown herself to be a formidably talented singer, songwriter and performer (having toured with respected artists including Casting Crowns, Mathew West, Sanctus Real, The Afters, Brandon Heath, and Mandisa, among others) Lindsay McCaul’s most powerful asset as an artist might just be her simple willingness to honestly communicate the realities of her life through her songs—and to do so in ways that invite listeners to share the journey and to honestly bring their own stories and struggles to God.

“A woman wrote to me from another country,” Lindsay recalls, “telling me that her husband had passed away recently and that God had been using one of my songs to comfort her and remind her He was with her. Shortly after that a second woman wrote to say that God had used that same song to remind her He was by her side as she went in for cancer surgery. Both of those stories deeply resonated with me, and have been a powerful reminder that God can use a song born from one situation in my own life to connect with, comfort and bring hope to someone in a completely different situation (and continent!). I’m so thankful God uses imperfect people for His glory. It’s amazing and very humbling to find myself a part of that.”

Lindsay McCaul’s sophomore album One More Step releases today and we are so excited to give you a preview of her music with a free download of her song “A Little” off the album One More Step. If you like what you hear and want more, be sure and pick up her album available everywhere today!

Not only are we offering a free song download we’re also giving TWO of our LUCKY FREECCM READERS a chance to WIN AUTOGRAPHED copies of the album. Want to be entered to win? Check out the widget below, complete the different entry options and you’ll be automatically entered to win! Good luck!


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Free Download From The Digital Age

This week’s free download comes from the band The Digital Age.

Asked about the art and craft of novel writing, E.L. Doctorow once famously stated: “It’s like driving a car at night. You never see further than your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.”

That analogy applies to so many creative pursuits—recording an album, for example. But let’s suppose the musical group in question leaves behind a celebrated past to traverse an uncertain future: one so speculative that even the group’s name isn’t quite settled yet when the road trip begins. To take Doctorow’s analogy a step further, it’s like driving a car at night with one headlight, a spotty GPS signal and no gas stations for another hundred miles.

Yet the long, strange trip that saw four core members of the David Crowder*Band become The Digital Age has yielded one stunning testament to multi-dimensional faith: faith in the music, faith expressed through the music and faith the musicians had in each other. The result is a sojourn that, fittingly enough, begins at night and rides straight on to dawn in best concept-album fashion—Evening:Morning.

This week enjoy the upbeat song  “Symphony of Grace” off their album Evening:Morning as our free download of the week. And if you haven’t already check out the rest of the album and pick up your copy!



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Free Download From Ian Yates

Here at FreeCCM we are always on the lookout for new artists to introduce you to because who doesn’t love discovering new music. Recently we came across singer/songwriter/artist Ian Yates from the UK and want to share his music with you. Here’s a little more information about Ian:

Ian is married to Kate and lives in Liverpool. He leads musical worship at various events and churches across the UK. Ian is part of the Elim Sound core team, which exists to ‘Inspire, Equip and Encourage the church in worship’. 2013 saw Ian tour all over the UK leading people in worship over 120 times as well as leading at his home church. His heart is to see people come to know their true reality in Christ Jesus, that the world would know that God is a God of love, a good and happy God who longs to have a relationship with His creation.

Ian recently released his latest album DNA, which mixes elements of The 1975, The Killers, Imagine Dragons and U2. More than an album of songs this is a soundtrack realigning us to our original DNA. We are made in the image of God, designed to change the world, born of incorruptible seed. The message throughout DNA is of Gods love, grace and goodness from freedom to innocence, living in the fullness and enjoying our relationship with the Godhead. DNA is full of positive, upbeat, and life changing songs, not neglecting the challenges and questions of life, but declaring that there is a hope. Despite the struggles and pain we can face, God is with us and is always faithful.

So this week we want to give you a little taste of his music and offer his song “Freedom Song” off his album DNA as our free download of the week. Enjoy!



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Free Download From Phillips Craig & Dean

This weeks free download comes from Phillips, Craig & Dean. 21 years into their storied career, Phillips Craig & Dean offer a ground-breaking collection of songs poised to minister to the hurting, lead believers in powerful praise, and point the broken to Christ with their latest album. Breathe In speaks life into a world so full of frustration and struggle. “Daily life can be so deflating,” says Randy Phillips. “The single parent who has to be mom and dad. The career that weighs heavily on you. The responsibility to live up to expectations. You get to where it’s metal on metal and you feel oxygen-depleted. This is where you come into the presence of God, and you just kneel before Him, you say, ‘God, I can’t do this anymore, I’m deflated.’ And you begin to breathe in those words of Jesus Christ: ‘Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.’ Breathe in that. It inflates you and helps you to rise above the things that life brings to all of us.”

This week we are offering their song “Our God Is Here” off their album Breathe In as our download of the week. And if you haven’t picked up a copy of the album yet, head over to iTunes and get it for a special price of $6.99 now. But don’t wait this sale won’t last long!


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Free Download From Ashes Remain

This week’s free download comes from Ashes Remain’s debut album What I’ve Become. What I’ve Become’s theme is certainly one that almost everyone can relate to, most of all teenagers trying to navigate lives that often seem completely upside down.  According to the band, much of their debut was written from the perspective of what it is like to feel as if there is no hope, where you are your own worst enemy and ultimately what it looks like to go from that very real and dark place to one where there is hope and step into the light. That journey from dark to light isn’t always a swift one and sometimes has to be walked many times, but it is a journey that the band is familiar with and feels called to go on with their fans.

This week enjoy a free download of Ashes Remain’s song “Inside of Me” off their debut album What I’ve Become. If you like what you hear, be sure and check out their new single “Here For A Reason” available digitally now and pick up their debut album What I’ve Become for ONLY $6.99 on iTunes!


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