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Free Download From Switchfoot’s Jon Foreman On Noisetrade

Switchfoot’s Jon Foreman is set to release a series of four EPs that will trace the course of a day in The Wonderlands. The first installment, Sunlight, is available for pre-order on iTunes now and will release next Tuesday May 26th. 10 years in the making, The Wonderlands include 24 songs in total – one for each hour of the day. If you want a little taste of the album head over to noisetrade to get a FREE EP from Jon featuring “Terminal,” a new track from Sunlight alongside several tracks from Jon’s last set of solo releases. Enjoy!


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Free Download From Audio Adrenaline’s New Album “Sound Of The Saints!”

This week’s FREE DOWNLOAD comes from Audio Adrenaline.

Legacy. It’s a word Adam Agee, Dave Stovall, Brandon Bagby and Jack Campbell are hearing a lot lately. Taking the reins of one of Christian music’s most beloved bands, Audio Adrenaline, from former members Mark Stuart and Will McGinniss—who together saw the group garner two GRAMMY® Awards (Best Rock Gospel Album for Worldwide and Until My Heart Caves In); five GMA Dove Awards; a GOLD®-certified recording (Bloom); and 14 #1 Christian radio singles, including such signature songs as “Big House,” “Get Down” and “Hands and Feet”—the new foursome may have some big shoes to fill, but they also have a new trail to blaze.

Audio Adrenaline’s tenth full-length album, Sound of the Saints, finds the band poised for a fresh season, ready to build upon a storied history with a reenergized passion to reach the next generation of fans. With the full support of founding members Stuart and McGinniss, the group honors its heritage—performing a string of Audio A’s biggest hits in concert—while also bringing their distinct personalities to the music.

“We are excited to inspire a new generation of fans the way Audio A inspired us,” says Agee, former lead singer of Dove Award-winning pop/punk act Stellar Kart, with whom he released five studio albums and garnered multiple hit singles. “These new songs carry on the message of Audio A—positive, encouraging and challenging. God can use all of us, even the underdogs.”

United around a common goal, Audio Adrenaline hopes longtime fans will celebrate with them in this season. “They have always had such great, loyal fans, and that’s what’s so fun,” Agee says of the group’s iconic history. “When you can impact people like that and they stay with you and have your back for 25 years, it’s amazing.”

As for the big shoes this new foursome stands poised to fill? They’re more than ready, Agee assures. “I consider it a privilege to get to carry on this legacy and continue to play music and inspire a new generation the way Mark and Will and the others who built Audio Adrenaline inspired us.”

This week Audio Adrenaline released their newest album Sound of the Saints and we are celebrating with a free download of their song “Move” off the album. Adam Agee says, “The message of ‘Move’ is what Audio A has been about since day one and what we’re hoping to continue into the future. Some of the last words of Jesus were, ‘…go and make disciples of all nations…’ That’s the mission we’re honored to keep—going into the world and taking care of people, taking care of those who can’t take care of themselves.” If you like what you hear then be sure to pick up your copy of the album available everywhere NOW!


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Hands & Feet Project

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Free Download From Shane & Shane’s New Album The Worship Initiative!

In the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon writes: “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the sun.” For Shane & Shane, the current season can be distilled in one word: discipleship.

After more than a decade of relentless touring, where the duo played everywhere from the college circuit to worship arenas to far-flung places, Shane & Shane have shifted the focus of their ministry. Rather than cramming as many dates on the calendar as demand will allow, the dynamic praise & worship duo—known for their celebrated guitar work and trademark harmonies—are pouring their lives into others, discipling musicians and training them in their craft.

Putting their convictions into practice, the result is The Worship Initiative. What began as an organic spark of an idea has developed into an online resource and community for all things worship. More than just a digital jukebox for worship geeks, however, The Worship Initiative is a one-stop shop for training, a hothouse environment where all—musicians, worship leaders, budding songwriters—can grow and flourish in their craft and creativity and devotion to the Lord.

“Just making music and playing concerts, I know that there’s a small aspect of discipleship involved in that,” Shane Barnard says. “But we want to encourage people to go to the Fountain, enjoy the Fountain, drink from the Fountain. That’s the ethos of The Worship Initiative. Not just training in songwriting and musicianship.”

In addition to kickstarting these resources for worship leaders, there is also a new record, The Worship Initiative. The album showcases mostly other people’s worship songs, infusing them with passion and sweeping guitars and stunning harmonies. “We love this record,” Shane Everett says. “We want to set the table for people to experience the Lord on a daily basis. We want this record to really encourage people in their walk.”

Today Shane & Shane’s newest album The Worship Initiative releases and we want to give you a little taste of what you will hear on this album by offering their song “God of Ages Past” as this week’s free download. “God of Ages Past” is a song written by Shane Barnard that is essentially a vulnerable chitchat with God, one that doesn’t shy away from authentic questions. “It essentially says ‘If you really are my only hope, if you really are all that I need, if you really are the One that satisfies my heart, if those things are all true, then soften this cold, hard heart. Because I’ve got a long way to go to believe that kind of a thing.’” If you like what you hear then be sure to pick up your copy of the record available everywhere now! Enjoy!


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Free Download From Laura Story

This week we are offering a FREE DOWNLOAD of the song “Prodigal Song” from Laura Story’s album Blessings. Enjoy!

And be sure to check out the video below to hear Laura share the story behind the song, which is based off the parable of the prodigal son.

“My favorite part of this passage is when the son comes back, and you know, you can just picture this guy being filthy and the father runs to meet him. And something neat to think about is the father running to meet him and it says in scripture, “he saw him when he was still a long way off” and that just connotes that this father was sitting, waiting for his son. Just sitting watching and waiting.

I think of so many people that maybe believed in God as kids and then have gone off and lived however they want to or people that have never really been interested in the claims of Christ. Sometimes I feel like they see God as a policeman in the sky…but that’s very different than how the Bible is—especially in this story when we see a father that’s watching, waiting for his children to return to him.”Laura Story



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Free Download Sampler On Noisetrade From NeedtoBreathe

Do we have any Needtobreathe, Colony House, Drew Holcomb, Switchfoot and Ben Rector fans on here? If you raised your hand yes we have some very exciting news for you! This week our featured free download comes from all of these artists!

NEEDTOBREATHE is heading out this spring and summer on the TOUR DE COMPADRES with some of their best friends, Ben Rector (Leg 1), Switchfoot (Leg 2), Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors and Colony House! And for a limited time on Noisetrade you can get this exclusive FREE compilation featuring two songs from their recently released Live From The Woods album as well as tracks from the other artists joining them on this tour. Enjoy!

For more details and tickets, click here:


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Free Download From Elim Sound Feat. Ian Yates On Noisetrade

This week’s FREE DOWNLOAD comes from Elim Sound, led by Sam Blake, Stephen Gibson, Joel Pridmore and Ian Yates.

Here’s a little more about Elim Sound:

Elim Sound draws from a rich heritage that spans an entire century and are the product of the collective skill and passion of members of a new generation currently emerging within the Elim Pentecostal Church. Bringing together a community of worship leaders, pastors and creatives from the Elim movement and beyond, Elim Sound are commited to inspiring, encouraging and equipping the church in worship.

Elim sound has a new album, Elim 100, releasing May 4. This landmark centenary project draws upon the rich heritage with much loved Elim hymns and choruses of the past and looks forward with nine inspirational brand new songs. Featuring ten worship leaders from across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, Elim Sound believes this is their strongest collaboration yet. In fact, this week we are giving you a preview of this upcoming album with a FREE DOWNLOAD of the single “The Best Is Yet To Come” featuring Ian Yates. “The Best Is Yet To Come” has been described as the title track for the highly anticipated centenary project. This anthemic song serves as a reminder of God’s faithfulness and constant grace over the last 100 years of our movement and as a declaration that the best is yet to come. If you like what you hear be sure to pick up the album out May 4!


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Happy Diamonds Release Day! Enjoy A Free Download From Hawk Nelson + Enter To Win An Autographed CD!

Happy New Music Tuesday! Today we are so excited about the release of Hawk Nelson’s NEW RECORD Diamonds.

What does a real relationship between real-world people and a real-world God look like? This is what Hawk Nelson explores in their seventh studio album: Diamonds.

Diamonds talks about how God can use pressure, struggle, trials and stress in our life and make it into something stronger and more beautiful,” lead singer Jon Steingard said. “Just in the same way that Diamonds are made. It’s a big comfort to me when I’m in those times to remember that hardships have a purpose and aren’t without meaning. A diamond is strong. It reflects light. It doesn’t have any light of it’s own, but it reflects the light that it receives.”

“Diamonds really delivers in a big, new way,” Daniel Biro said. “It’s almost like energy is injected into the whole mix. It’s a whole new thing.”

The band wanted to visually capture this new big sound in a big way, so they took the idea of The Color Run™ and applied it to a photoshoot with photographer David Molinar. “It was just a cool image to us,” Steingard said. “We wanted lots of bright color, lots of energy. One of the things we were talking about on the record is the joy that comes in living a life of gratefulness, living a life of freedom.”

So in honor of release day we are celebrating BIG with a FREE DOWNLOAD of their song “Straight Line” off the new record Diamonds. But that’s not all, we are also giving a few of our lucky readers a chance to WIN AN AUTOGRAPHED COPY of the album. Want to be entered to win? All you have to do is leave a comment below with your favorite song off the record or song you are most excited to hear and you’ll be entered to win. Good luck!



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Free Download From Anthony Evans

This week’s free download comes from singer/songwriter/worship leader Anthony Evans, who some of you may recognize from Season 2 of NBC’s The Voice.

Anthony Evans was already and established artist with more than a decade of experience when he appeared on Season 2 of The Voice, but the show brought new audiences and opportunities. During his time in Los Angeles, he has worked with CeeLo Green, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Darrin Criss, Glee and now is a part of the casting team responsible for The Voice.

As he split time between his hometown of Dallas and the far-outside-the-Bible-belt environs of L.A., Evans realized the limitations in his capacity to connect with people outside of the church. “L.A. is gritty. My friends there might say, ‘What are you talking about when you say, ‘Lamb that was slain’? You sound like you’re in a cult.’” This new world instilled in Evans two important things: a desire to communicate more effectively with a broader audience, and a realization that there is a vast common ground of shared experiences to catalyze that communication.

Drawing from these experiences, Evans’ newest album, Real Life / Real Worship emerges from the truth that genuine worship can often be better understood through genuine life experiences. “Being out in L.A. has made me think more progressively. I want to make sure I’m not compromising my message or my faith, but I also want to speak in terms that connect with people who don’t necessarily live in a church. Half this record is about real life, things everyone goes through, Christian or not. And sometimes it takes that real life to understand the meaning of real worship.”

This week we are offering Anthony’s song “I Won’t Forget” off his record Real Life / Real Worship as our download of the week. Enjoy!



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Free Download From Tristin Roberts On Noisetrade!

Here at FreeCCM we love keeping you up to date with all the FREE DOWNLOADS going on, not just on our site but from other websites as well because who doesn’t love FREE MUSIC? This week we found an awesome song sampler for download that we just have to share with you as our download of the week. It’s a sampler from Tristin Roberts EP Surprising Hope and features the songs “He’s Alive” and “The Final Breath of Death (feat Phillip Zach)” and for a limited time it’s available now for FREE DOWNLOAD on Check it out!

Here’s what others have to say about Tristin:

“Tristin is one of those rare young songwriter’s, who has a natural ear for great melody. He has an intuitive understanding for corporate worship, but at the same time a really solid pop sensibility. Add to that, he’s one of the most diligent and persistent people I know. I have no doubt that Tristin is just scratching the surface; and I’m certain, and thankful, that we’ll be hearing from him for a long time to come.” –Anthony Skinner (Your Love Never Fails, Forever and a Day)

“Tristin has a unique way of singing that draws the ear in to hear a worship tune that could be sung in arenas.” -Dave Zack (Lead singer of Remedy Drive)

“In the course of any given year I am in scores of venues around the world. Seldom do I hear the pure tone of worship that I heard the first time I heard Tristin Roberts. Tristin engages worshippers to draw near to the Presence without pretense. He is an emerging Psalmist that is sure to take us all deeper.” -Randall Worley


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Free Download From Sara Groves!

“Do you feel that?” Sara Groves asked her friend and fellow-songwriter Jill Phillips over dinner one night. “I feel like the pace of life keeps getting faster and faster. Everything feels so frenetic these days.” Groves explained.

A mother of three with ten studio albums under her belt as well as a few Dove Award nominations, Groves no doubt feels some pressure. That pressure proved to be a main inspiration as Groves crafted her eleven-song album Invisible Empires. In it, Groves explores why society feels so fast-paced, is so social-media-obsessed and so “frenetic,” as she describes it. Groves’ creativity seems to never see an end. Cultivating a new relationship with producer Steve Hindalong (Leeland, City On A Hill & Sixpence None The Richer) the duo created Invisible Empires. The team effort has created an album more epic in scale than the Christianity Today Album of the Year Fireflies and Songs (2009), which Groves self-dubbed her songwriter’s album. “Fireflies is very much like a girl and her piano,” says Groves, “and I knew this record was going to be a little bit bigger than a girl and her piano. I like to write pop songs, I like to write bigger songs. I like strings and guitars, so I guess when I went to go write this record I didn’t feel like this was going to be Fireflies Part II.”

This week enjoy a FREE download of Sara’s song “Obsolete” off her album Invisible Empires. “Obsolete” addresses a theme of Invisible Empires inspired by a quote Groves read: “The Internet makes everything not enough.” Through the viral effects of social media, Groves believes this planet has been made out as one big party that it actually isn’t. In “Obsolete” she sings, Walking through our hall of doors/Looking through a million portals/Everyone is having fun/Everybody seems immortal. When in reality, we’re all as mortal as they come.



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