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This week’s free download comes from rock band Nine Lashes. There’s probably no better way to introduce Nine Lashes’ immensely anticipated new album From Water To War than with one of the many morsels of advance praise heaped upon the sophomore project. “Besides expanding upon its alternative rock experimentation with electronic enhancement,” reads the pages of the influential CCM Magazine, “the group’s songwriting captures an intense season of spiritual growth, sure to resonate with anyone seeking authenticity.”

Of course, another major crux of From Water To War is the songwriting, which always takes a hopeful tone given the group’s unabashed commitment to being a Christian band (even amidst some budding mainstream attention). In fact, the title is taken from one of the faith’s boldest images of all time, specifically the imagery of baptism and being born again.

“When you come up out of the water, you’re a new creation and you’re part of something that’s literally been going on for thousands of years,” explains Dunn. “But just as much as it’s the ultimate symbol of salvation, Satan is trying just as hard to go in for the kill, so the title is saying there’s still a war waging over people’s eternal destiny. In Nine Lashes, we want to inspire fans to grow in Christ and make the declaration to follow Him, but also to equip them for the new war they’ll face after coming out of the water as a new creation.”

Happy album release day. To celebrate this week, enjoy their song “Break The World” off the new album From Water To War. If you like what you hear, pick up a copy of their album available everywhere now!


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