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Hey everyone,

We have some exciting new music for you this week from Addison Road’s upcoming release “Stories.” Their new album is only a couple weeks away, but they’ve decided to let you get a taste of it now by giving away a free track! The song is called “Change In The Making” and it’s an amazing song that speaks from the hopeful perspective of a life under construction, and how God can use a series of hard life events to make His children better.

This is redemption’s story, with every step that I’m taking
Every day, You’re chipping away what I don’t need
This is me under construction; This is my pride being broken
Every day, I’m closer to who I’m meant to be;  I’m a change in the making

The members of Addison Road have been on a roller coaster ride of changes over the last year for sure. You can check out the video below to see what all they have been up to, and hear some more music from the new album, but Jenny summed it up well here: “We’ve had to grow up. Life happened. But I don’t want to level off and end up in a life of complacency. I want God to be doing new things and healing old wounds and making me into this beautiful work of art.”

Now is your chance to ask Addison Road any question in the world, and win a copy of their new album before it hits stores!

Addison Road will be making an appearance on our blog in a few weeks just to answer your questions, so we want to hear from you!  Leave a comment on this post with yours, and we’ll randomly pick 5 for the band to answer, PLUS we’ll send the winners a special pre-release of the album before anyone else gets it!

Click here to go get your free download of Addison Road’s “Change In The Making” now.

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45 Responses

  • goldencrown wrote on June 1, 2010

    To the Lead Singer, Was it difficult to sing while pregnant on the road in your last months?

  • Sarah wrote on June 1, 2010

    Hey Addison Road!! Super excited about the new CD! (annnd i tell everyone about it, so i'm thinkin a free copy=more to share with ppl=more cd's bought=happy awesomeness all around!) My question though (one of the many) is for Jenny. How do you devote focus, attention and energy into marriage, being a mother, and being a band at the same time?? Does your baby come with you always on tour?? I guess I just want some behind the scenes info ;) do you and your hubby get some date nights once in a while?? It's cool seeing couples being in a band. Really inspiring!!

  • febie wrote on June 2, 2010

    wow! so inspiring....

  • Marley wrote on June 2, 2010

    Hey guys! I'm just wondering how you were able to see God amongst all your hardships - were there any verses in particular that you seemed to cling to?

  • alexdhuff wrote on June 2, 2010

    Hey, Addison Road! Question: "What inspired you to write "Starting Over"? That song has really ministered to me in a special way. I have been in a tough time in my life and I am still working through it.

  • Bobo wrote on June 2, 2010

    My question would be: What is the toughest show you ever played and why was it so tough?

  • Steve wrote on June 2, 2010

    My question is what are your guys musical influences (Christian and non-Christian). If you guys could do a tour with any artist/group in the world, who would it be?

  • Abel wrote on June 2, 2010

    Hey guys, love your music This is probably an irrelevant question due to the nature of the vastness of the answer BUT...what is your favorite food on the road?? P.S. I'm pretty sure jenny loves mexican ;)

  • juju wrote on June 2, 2010

    Who do you as a band look to for spiritual oversight/encouragement/direction? I know traveling, eating on the go, sleeping in a different bed/bunk, singing and just life requires much faith filled energy, but topping all of that off with the spiritual expectations and battles you face.......we want to know you're being served up and taken care of spiritually!

  • katiealley15 wrote on June 2, 2010

    What is the story, if there is one, behind the band name? thanks for making great music!

  • humphus2005 wrote on June 2, 2010

    I would like to know how someone who would love to be a Christian singer can get into the music business. Also, would you ever consider going into a prison and doing a worship service? If so we would love to have you (in Tx no less)

  • Jason wrote on June 2, 2010

    I read you started the band while students at Baylor. What were your majors?

  • aarjayaitch wrote on June 2, 2010

    Which "story" in the Bible most resembles your journey as a band?

  • Jonathan wrote on June 2, 2010

    What amazing things has God done in your lives most recently?

  • kcskot wrote on June 3, 2010

    Was the process in making this album about the same or totally different.

  • Evang Mei En wrote on June 3, 2010

    What inspired your latest album, "Stories"?

  • Back2Life87 wrote on June 3, 2010

    Sup Guys! Just wanted to let you guys know that when ever my friends and I take road trips it's become tradition to play your "Addison Road" album over and over again. My question is out of all of the songs that you have written, which ones have the most significance/meaning in your lives and why? You guys are AWESOME!!!

  • athankfulstranger wrote on June 3, 2010

    Hello! Jenny, I already know that you are a super busy mom/singer/friend/writer/etc. but as a person who writes blogs about my faith and things that I question, your blog never ceases to amaze me! Have you ever thought about writing a book? Maybe not a novel or even a devotional, but somewhere in between! I think it would be a bestseller :) Best of wishes and sending you an internet hug!

  • Kaden wrote on June 3, 2010

    To the drummer: Which of these awesome bands do you like best: Boston, Sanctus Real, or Skillet? I think they're all bomb, but I just wondered what you thought.

  • Josh Wax wrote on June 3, 2010

    Where would you like to see Addison Road in the future? Would you like to one day settle down with your own careers and lead "normal" lives, or is this what you would love to do for the rest of your lives, God willing of course?

  • Becky wrote on June 4, 2010

    What I would like to know is how you got the name "Addison Road" and what it means. Becky P.S.If I don't win the album, I'm still gonna buy it!!!

  • Chuck Hyland wrote on June 4, 2010

    I love the music you all do and looking forward to the relese of your new album. Curious on two things. Where did you come up with the name and how is it that Jenny and husband are able to keep the flames of marriage growing? Wondering how they do it being around each other so much with practices, recording in the studio, the cramped space on the tour bus, etc. I have a hard enough time myself and we have a normal work schedule.

  • Emily Roderick wrote on June 4, 2010

    I read in your blog some time back about you being shy when it came to people praying over you. I understand this, I am the same way. However , after going into that room and seeing all of the sticky notes and especially the one that spoke right to you, did it change your mind at all?

  • SandyM48 wrote on June 4, 2010

    Thanks for an incredible ministry! Keep up the great work! Question: I was wondering when Jesus saved each of you. Thanks! God Bless!

  • Becky wrote on June 5, 2010

    I would like to know what circumstance inspired y'all to write "Sticking With You". Becky

  • Drew wrote on June 5, 2010

    I would like to know how Travis got so funny. -Drew

  • rocker girl wrote on June 6, 2010

    is travis single?

  • Kelli Anne wrote on June 6, 2010

    Hey Jenny! I saw you guys on tour in College Station, TX a couple years ago. I've been a fan ever since! :) I was wondering how your mom reacted when she found out you were going to have a baby! You mentioned at the concert that she kept baby stuff in a closet at her house! She was looking forward to being a grandma! Does she still have the stuff in her closet? ;)

  • Michelle wrote on June 7, 2010

    Question: with all the influences out there in the music business, what are some of the things you do as a group or as individuals to keep your faith strong among the group and your families?

  • Ali wrote on June 7, 2010

    I was just searching the internet the other day looking for some Christian music to listen to, honestly I had no idea who you guys were, but I loved what I heard. So my question to you is: What inspired you guys to become the band that you are now?

  • Eugene wrote on June 9, 2010

    Question: I know that most of the Christian individual or group/bands sponsor or promote some kind of non-profit charity or mission and those, like myself who follow a band or person tend to help with said cause or mission. How do you determine which one of the thousands that are true and worthy to promote and because of the riggers of "touring" how do you find the time needed to devote the personal touch to the cause?

  • kaitlynwithay wrote on June 9, 2010

    I just wanted to say I love your music! You all have been inspiring me with your music, which has also helped bring me closer to God! :) I can't wait for the new album release! I have a question for each band member: what is one of your favorite Bible verses?

  • SunriseinHim wrote on June 9, 2010

    What is the best and worst part of touring?

  • SunriseinHim wrote on June 9, 2010

    What advice would you give to someone who wants to be a Christian artist?

  • SunriseinHim wrote on June 9, 2010

    What is the songwriting process like for you?

  • SunriseinHim wrote on June 9, 2010

    What is something you've never been asked, but always wanted to answer?

  • Esperanza wrote on June 9, 2010

    I love "Fight Another Day" because that's exactly where I am right now! It feels like nearly everything is going wrong and I just have to keep fighting. Anyway, of all the songs you have recorded, what are your favorites?

  • Jeremy Teran wrote on June 10, 2010

    You guys have definitely faced some challenges this year and have given us some great "Stories" including the epic re-enactment of the bus fire. How have those opportunities Impacted you as a band and individually?

  • rachel wrote on June 10, 2010

    How do you guys stay connected with your family life while on the road touring and is it hard on your families for you to be in AR?

  • Laura Chambers wrote on June 10, 2010

    Since your new album is called "Stories", I'd like to know which books you've been reading recently and how they've impacted your spiritual life?

  • Adrienne wrote on June 11, 2010

    Have each of you always wanted to be a musician, or did you guys have other career dreams you wanted to pursue?

  • Lisa wrote on June 12, 2010

    What has God spoken to you through the events of the RV fire, robberies, and the rough times this past year?

  • Guilherme Jatoba wrote on June 12, 2010

    Christian Music is reaching many cultures and Countries. We can see Christian bands/groups/singers through the mainstream radio and TV shows. But some of them got out of the way like Paramore and Jonas Brothers just because of the fame. Would you leave Christian main lyrics if you guys reach more listeners and get an main major label offer to sign? What would you choose?

  • Addison wrote on July 11, 2010

    What is the story behind the bad name? Obviously I like it as it is my name. Addy.... age 7

  • lilly wrote on July 19, 2010

    Hey guys! Thanks for this chance! My questions are... 1. Do you guys remember any specific fans when you meet them and have a chance to talk one on one if so explain... it can be from many years ago to more recent. 2. Travis.. I have always wondered ever since I met you at a camp called Super Summer in 2006 (many moons ), if you are single...etc... we have seen/heard of the rest of the band members' but not about you... If you don't mind answering :) Finally, thanks for your music ministry I pray that our God keeps using you guys and your amazing talents! Blessings! ~Lilly From our beautiful Texas...(am I

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